i did it.

i still don’t quite know where the idea began or what pushed me over the edge to start a blog.  but one day the thought was there.

now, mind you, i have lots of thoughts and crazy ideas.  some flit in and out.  some linger and fade.  some i attempt and they fizzle.  some stick around.  some persist no matter how often or rationally i talk myself out of them.  this thought falls into the latter category.

i really don’t know who would want to know what’s going on in my brain, and i’m not sure anyone will even get what i see in my mind’s eye.  but, then again, i’m constantly inspired by the world around me, and that’s a pretty sweet thing to share.

i love to create in any and all forms.  i love seeing how simple things – seeds & dirt, a pile of ingredients, pictures & paper – with a touch of our hands grows and is transformed into a meal and a captured memory that we gather to share.  [please note: i know exactly how cheeze-ball that sounds.  but i’m for real!]

anyway…back to that thought that i couldn’t talk myself out of.  my “ultimatum” (with myself, of course) was that i wouldn’t catapult myself into the blogosphere unless i could come up with a good name.  and wouldn’t you know…last night…somewhere after midnight on my 30th birthday,’inspired desire’ came to me, and that was that.

i think it has a nice ring to it, and it just sorta feels right.  blogging itself is still scary and a bit overwhelming, but at the same time it feels big and new and comfy and exciting…and, yes, a bit ridiculous.  i’m hoping “good” ridiculous.  we shall see.