oh, life.

oh, life.  you can get so busy.

good busy, bad busy, productive busy, make-me-want-to-cry busy, dream-chasing busy, awesome busy, fun busy, summer busy, just-plain-busy busy.

the trick is balancing the busy.  and i return to that oh-so-important, simple word: balance.

i shant spend time explaining the busy.  we’re all there.  but i will say that i’ve missed blogging.  it’s weird to miss something that i haven’t actually gotten into a good rhythm with yet, but i’d go so far as to say i’ve actually missed it a lot.  as in…i think about it almost daily, and i’ve been really grateful for the fact that i’ve missed it.  it means there’s something “there.”  missing does that.  i love that something that could be altogether just bad – because it makes us sad – has the silver lining of showing us what’s important to us.  and gives us a chance to figure out why.  and then to prioritize it again.

i have no grand plan for how i’m going to figure it all out, but i hope to be back in this space again more regularly.  i mean, i have at least 40 things i know to be true to share.  and summer-Christmas began again 2 weeks ago, with week 3 kicking off later today when i pick up a new box of goodies.

in the meantime, however, i just have to share this image i found on a fellow WR alum’s blog. i can’t take her über cuteness!!

image via ode to future husband