10 things: 01.2013.


so happy to be re-visiting this monthly exercise, inspired by sarah kay’s TED talk, “if i should have a daughter.” the video is worth all 18 minutes, but even if you only catch the first few minutes, i hope you’ll find yourself inspired & moved by her thoughts.

  1. my birthday was over-the-top special this year for countless reasons.
  2. we have a wedding date! and the most wonderful venue for the ceremony & reception, in the most unexpected location :o)
  3. LOVing this super fun valentine’s day card from one of my faves, lindsay letters.
  4. dreaming of getting a better life bag to replace my barely-hanging-on work bag. i love their heart, their mission, & their super cute bags!
  5. i can’t seem to put enough lotion on my hands.
  6. so thankful for jenny’s words in this post at dinner: a love story. so many truths about the value of & need for our stories as well as, i think, the creative process in general.
  7. contrary to prior experience…i’m actually digging the budgeting thing. go figure!
  8. wedding planning is absolutely surreal. how did i get so lucky?!
  9. dustin got to experience ipsento!
  10. loving this quote that a friend posted last week:

day by day, dear Lord,
of you three things i pray:
to see You more clearly,
love You more dearly,
follow You more nearly,
day by day.
:: frederick borsch ::