10 things: 05.2013.


  1. i got to do my first dress fitting. i still can’t believe i get to wear such a gorgeous wedding dress!
  2. as hard as it was to be away from d for so long, i was able to spend 10 days in europe for work. it was even more beautiful than i imagined.
  3. while in europe, i got to go on a little adventure! i took a train from germany to belgium to see my cousin & her sweet family for the first time in far too long. of particular importance was getting to meet their sweet Everett who had been born just a few months earlier :o)
  4. another europe highlight: lo & behold, i really did have THE most delicious Belgian waffle ever in Belgium. i don’t use the word “ever” lightly, i promise.
  5. we are absolutely loving the mill city farmer’s market winter market
  6. pre-marital skype dates with mike make my heart so, so full.
  7. my handsome fiancé finished his internship!
  8. we found d’s (3 piece!) suit for a steal.
  9. i was so hopeful that we would avoid dress drama, but the bridesmaids’ dresses are looking like they will be quite delayed :o(
  10. i am so happy to have found a veil! i loved che bella.