10 things: 06.2013.


  1. i have the most genuine, thoughtful, loving friends who planned the most fabulous shower & bachelorette parties for me. i was abundantly blessed to start june off surrounded by some of my very favorite people – laughing, introducing them to each other, sharing a meal & stories, and truly being humbled & overwhelmed by their love, joy, & presence. for a never-ending list of reasons, i am truly, truly the luckiest.
  2. our pup turned 10 years old!
  3. on the heels of my work trip to europe, dustin had his two week AT for the Guard. it was unfortunate timing, and as hard as we tried to make the best of it, being away for so long, back-to-back was pretty much killer.
  4. i had so much fun making OK & MN cookies :o)
  5. caroline has a voice that resonates deeply in me. her style of sharing & processing what the Lord is teaching her continues to refresh & challenge my thoughts & perspective. her post, this is a gift, is no exception.
  6. ohmygoodness Рthe at&t commercials slay me! this one in particular: 
  7. then there was that date night where i was SUPER excited to take my fianc√© to man of steel…and i fell asleep. oops?
  8. our CSA pick-up began again! that’s what i call christmas in june!!
  9. i found the perfect fabric for the gabi & piper’s flower girl dresses. eeeek!
  10. we got the sweetest little orchid – i’ve always wanted one. now, to try to keep it alive…