10 things: 07.2013.


  2. i had so much fun cooking for our wedding with the nieces. marshmallows, cake, & frosting, oh my!
  3. we got to celebrate miss allisyn’s birthday in minnesota :o)
  4. we made our first big purchase together – a truck!
  5. i reconnected with today’s letters, one of my favorite blogs. they’re totes flaming my desire to homestead one day.
  6. we started our first tradition: sunday morning waffles, thanks to the fabulous the faux martha’s recipe.
  7. julie-ann (our wedding lemon tree) joined the family. we’re quite smitten.
  8. husband made the most delicious pork chops!
  9. tommy turned ONE…and is going to be a big brother!
  10. we went to our first wedding as the crawfords.