10 things: 08.2013.


  1. we kicked off this month’s dinners making quinoa-beet burgers. and we both liked them!
  2. a special bonus visit gave us the chance to spend more time with the nieces celebrating piper & gabi’s birthdays in minnesota, too :o) and i got to go with on a very special trip to the American Girl doll store.
  3. to celebrate our first wedding month-iversary, we made the most delicious treat: peach dumplings (thank you, smitten kitchen cookbook)!
  4. i felt so special to be able to video chat with miss piper after her first day of kindergarten!!
  5. we had a blast at the state fair – dustin’s first time :o)
  6. dustin started his residency.
  7. our little lemons have started to turn yellow!! i find myself googling “how to take care of a lemon tree” many times a week…
  8. we are slowly finding our new rhythm & routines now that we are both working.
  9. watching dustin & blackjack together every morning is just the sweetest thing.
  10. we have had an onslaught of delicious tomatoes from our produce CSA, so tried a new recipe – a cozy kitchen’s heirloom tomato jam. it’s insanely good. i pretty much wanna spread it on everything.

catching up.

ourwedding_receptionoh my – four months sure can fly when you’re planning a wedding!

it’s so good to be back in this space. i’ve been filing away topics (projects, the wedding, recipes, “10 things” from the past few months, etc.) in lists on my phone & sticky notes on my trusty computer so as to not forget them, and now that we’re a bit more settled post-wedding festivities & moving, i’m excited to get back to posting again.

tonight i have a little something to share on our family blog, becoming the crawfords, but i’ll be back here again this weekend :o)