10 things: 09.2013.


  1. we kicked off this month a little differently than last month. this time, we kicked things off with a 21 day cleanse: smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and a smoothie or raw/lightly cooked veggies for dinner.
  2. we got to meet the precious newest addition to some of our dearest friends’ family. miss lauren elizabeth, you are beautiful!
  3. as silly as it sounds, fall tv shows have kicked off, and we’re enjoying coming home to make dinner & watch a show.
  4. we are so blessed by mentors who are incredibly generous with their time, listening, & wisdom.
  5. it was so fun to get to meet a whole bunch of people in d’s program and from the various hospitals.
  6. saturday mornings at the mill city farmer’s market remains one of the highlights in my week. i love our farmers, i love that we have relationships with them, & i love that we benefit not only from knowing where our food comes from but also get to eat incredibly delicious meals!
  7. gazpacho!
  8. dustin has done a stellar job of helping me to wake up earlier. I could not do it on my own, but it’s so much more doable together :o) it’s also given me the gift of spectacular sunrise views as i drive in to work.
  9. i can’t help but end with a one-two youtube punch. first, the at&t commercials slay me. this one in particular: 
  10. this video made me cry: