10 things: 10.2013.


  1. i have learned, and love, that dustin likes to sign the cards & gifts that we give. he doesn’t want me to sign his name for him.
  2. we are so grateful to join a couple’s group with some old & new friends.
  3. obviously such momentous occasions call for making a recipe that’s been held in the wings for ages: smitten kitchen’s apple pie cookies. i did apple and peach…i just couldn’t resist the peaches.
  4. then, the ladies & guys from our couple’s group meet separately every other wednesday to do a ladies’ small group & a guys’ night. such a gift!
  5. although we aren’t super consistent with them, video calls with our nieces are highly anticipated & pure entertainment.
  6. the sunrises have been incredible this month.
  7. we have EIGHT lemons on our sweet little lemon tree!
  8. this instagram post by cranny and me had me laughing so hard when i found it, i had tears streaming down my face, and i couldn’t stop. the look on his face with those goggles – i mean, come on!
  9. we can’t wait to dive into the new artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. we already have so many recipes bookmarked.
  10. i’ve been scrolling back regularly to this image rhiannon┬áposted…IMG_3480