the story of us: our first anniversary.

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our first anniversarythe covenant of marriage is, first & foremost, sacred ground. i have experienced unconditional love throughout my life, however the love my husband – and God through my husband – has introduced me to this year is overwhelming.

when i first learned about covenants seven years ago or so, the term instantly, deeply resonated. a covenant is sort of like a promise, but so, so much more. like agape is sort of like love, but so, so much more. although the Greek word “agape” is often translated as similar to “unconditional love,” it is infinitely more than that. so much so that there aren’t adequate words in the English language to accurately describe all that “agape” truly means & encompasses. the same is true, for me, with “covenant” and “promise.” when you make a promise with someone, it is deeply important and meaningful. a covenant, though, takes everything to another level. entering into a covenant with someone is intrinsically more rich, transformative, and powerful than a promise. covenants require us to give more of ourselves; to truly be honored, we have to commit everything to them.

and then – then, there is the covenant of marriage. what. in. the. world! it is true that the covenant of marriage is sacred, above all. however, the first word that actually comes to mind when i think about the covenant of marriage is audacious. the two words play rather perfectly off of each other. after months of loving the word connection, i finally looked up the definition of “audacious,” and what i found matched strong, encouraging words to what i’d been feeling as the words rolled around in my thoughts. the definition of ‘audacious’ is, “showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.” synonyms for “audacious” (ack! so incredible!) are: bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, plucky.

this man that i am still baffled & giddy that i get to call my husband & i are such rookies. in every way we are just beginning to figure out marriage & each other & how to love each other well. however, what i think we’ve gotten right so far are these: we laugh a lot. we hold hands. we enjoy time with family & friends and encourage time with the guys/girls…but prefer each other & being together. with very few exceptions, we go to bed at the same time. we share our passions. some we enjoy together, and some we like to learn about & talk to each other about. we pray together. we realize how easy it is to mis-communicate & try hard to learn how to communicate better for & with each other. and, most importantly, we choose audacious love.

i actually think that if we do this marriage thing well, we will be old, gray-haired, & wrinkled, still figuring out marriage & each other & how to love each other well. we’ll just have more years & experience & stories of taking surprisingly bold risks in loving each other well to build from & grown on.

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in my glory.

for many kids – i’d go so far as to even say, probably most – growing up is full of backyard adventures, skinned knees, building forts, dress up, and make believe. although i do have a few pretty ridiculous memories along those lines (like alli & i collecting baby frogs from the pond by our house and putting them in our strawberry shortcake toy bin to “play with later”…accidentally leaving a few in our pockets for our mom to wash & dry.), i was in my glory when i was making something with my hands.

little heather cookingmy mom did a fantastic job of involving us in the cooking & baking she did for us. i bet we can create a pretty legit timeline through our childhood out of just the pictures of my mom with us in the kitchen: from bellying up to the counter by standing on the open dishwasher door or a chair to helping with Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners. i imagine that time spent together in the kitchen planted a seed for my love of all things culinary. i soaked up every opportunity i could to learn, taking cooking classes in elementary summer school, practicing with a kids cookbook i adored, and dreaming up my own concoctions.

little heather sewingof course a girl can’t be in the kitchen all the time, and when i wasn’t unveiling some new recipe, i had no end to the crafts i wanted to learn. instead of playing with dolls or dressing up, i would color for hours on end. i adored my little play sewing machine, making crayon shavings “stained glass windows”  and  friendship bracelets, doing cross stitch, and so much more.

many years later, it’s abundantly clear that creating is more than a fun pastime or hobby for me. creating brings me deep joy. it is a way for me to be refreshed and energized, to unwind, and to connect with others – a passion that the Lord knit deep inside of me. being able to dream up new ideas and being inspired by others is a blessing that i am most often at a loss to find words to explain, so having this little space to share it all in as i continue to grow and learn is such a gift.