gratitude, day 18.

gratitude_xsgratitude is a miraculous, wonderful thing. it really does turn what we have into enough. sometimes – often, even – it reminds us that what we have is even more than we need. although it’s kind of a “thing” for people to list something they are grateful for each day in november, this isn’t really that. it’s sort of my mash-up of a daily writing exercise i see people do every day in october paired with practicing gratitude. it won’t be the same every day. sometimes it will be a short, quick post, and other times it will be a reflection or recipe. but most importantly, every day there will be gratitude.

today, i am grateful for storypeople.


*image from storypeople

friends, truth be told, more often than not, email and i are at odds. it comes down to being an in-person person, but let’s be honest – email can be a monster. cluttering up the good stuff, there are weekly emails, promo emails, e-receipts, blah-blah-blah. i’m pretty good at deleting them & unsubscribing to lists i don’t need or want to be on for whatever reason, however, there is one email that i actually subscribe to daily (crazy, right?!) and actually read every. single. day. if for some reason i can’t read one on the day it comes, i save it & get a little bonus the next day when i get to read two. storypeople.

brian andreas is the mastermind behind storypeople, and his short thoughts, reflections, and tidbits share stories of hope, goodness, & imagination. the emails are simple and very short with only an image of one of brian’s prints as the body of the email, and they always encourage & re-center me, offer a nugget of inspiration, or make me smile or laugh. today’s email was “single mind” – the image in this post. when i was finally able to read it this afternoon, i knew right away that i wanted to share this today because, as happens so often, as soon as i opened it, my heart swelled, a smile stretched across my face, and i thought to myself, “oh, thank you, thank you for what this reminds me of & inspires in me.”

this particular print also just so happens to be the one that introduced me to storypeople. i was at bibelot in uptown years ago looking for a gift & soaking up the goodness that is bibelot ;o) when i noticed some prints near the register. flipping through them, this one immediately caught my eye. being single and longing to be married, this print deeply resonated with me as i thought instantly of my husband who was still “out there somewhere” and the love that i already had for him. i bought it that day & it served as a sweet reminder for years as i waited for the day i would meet my husband. now that i get to spend my days with dustin & to know the man i loved for so long before i knew him, the print is even more treasured.

i know we don’t need more technology distractions, but if a little inspiration is what you might need, i highly recommend the emails (the sign-up is right in the middle of the main page storypeople webpage). brian is also fun to follow on instagram, and he has a new book out that i’ve been totally crushing on. the title is, “something like magic: on remembering how to be alive;” the title alone makes me swoon.

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