gratitude, day 29.

gratitude is a miraculous, wonderful thing. it really does turn what wegratitude_xs have into enough. sometimes – often, even – it reminds us that what we have is even more than we need. although it’s kind of a “thing” for people to list something they are grateful for each day in november, this isn’t really that. it’s sort of my mash-up of a daily writing exercise i see people do every day in october paired with practicing gratitude. it won’t be the same every day. sometimes it will be a short, quick post, and other times it will be a reflection or recipe. but most importantly, every day there will be gratitude.

today, i am grateful for traditions.

christmas tree 2014i would go out on a limb to say that in our family, i’m probably the biggest sucker for traditions. i’m ok with them changing a little in some ways – like our thanksgiving being just mom, jerry, dustin, & i since alli & jeff are in michigan, but other ones i seem to have a much stronger allegiance to.

take thanksgiving this year as an example: jerry wanted to spoil all of us a bit with tenderloin for thanksgiving dinner. my response: “that sounds delicious! the traditionalist in me would like there to be a turkey breast or something, but i’ll get over that.” (i really was 100% joking, but they really did have some turkey, too, and i didn’t waste a second before getting a slice on my plate, haha.) another example is being with aforementioned sister & brother-in-law for christmas, preferably at home. we’re super lucky they have always been able to get home, but if that wasn’t possible, you could bet your bottom dollar that you’d see the four of us high-tailing it to the mitten state.

a die-hard tradition we had growing up was decorating our christmas tree the weekend after thanksgiving. even in college & in the years that i’ve lived on my own, it’s a tradition i carried on. for the last three years, i’ve been blessed beyond measure to be able to decorate the christmas tree with my handsome fella. each year we’ve gotten a wonky tree from the discounted section of the lot, and although each tree has had it’s own idiosyncrasies, this year’s tree may take the cake. we both laughed when we got it home & in the stand. it is undoubtedly a dr. seuss tree!

we’ve added a few things to make our decorating tradition our own, and it’s become a bit of an evening-long event as we watch elf AND christmas vacation while decorating and sipping on hot toddies :o) last year was indescribably special as we got to decorate the tree for the first time as husband & wife, and i’m happy to say that the excitement didn’t wear off at all for us in the past year. tonight was full of movie watching, echoing our favorite lines from both movies, blackjack snuggling, light checking, decorating, vacuuming (those needles can really fly across the room!), & laughing.

welcome, christmas 2014…we are so thankful to settle in & soak in the goodness of this season.

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