the little prince 2015.

this trailer for the upcoming “the little prince” movie…oh my, i can’t tire of it.

the little prince is one of my very favorite stories. i had always heard quotes from it (you likely have, too) but didn’t read it until high school. it was at that time that i had the very good fortune of reading it. in French (as Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote it in 1943)…in one of my very favorite classes…with one of my very favorite teachers. the story came alive to me, and quotes & thoughts from the book cross my mind regularly.

if you haven’t read this sweet story, i highly recommend it. at about 90 pages it’s a quick read, however you will return to passages time & time again. it’s a timeless story about imagination, innocence, & possibility that life keeps bringing you back to. the book has been adapted in a number of formats, but the movie debuting next year* looks fantastic! the trailer is in French (the song – “somewhere only we know” by lily allen – is in English), but it communicates the sweet story just the same: “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

a few quote translations for those who are wired for understanding (that’s totally me):

:: as the little girl opens the paper airplane that landed on her desk,
     “once upon a time, there was a small prince who wanted a friend.”

:: when the airplane begins to fly off the page, the old man begins,
     “i flew almost everywhere in the world…until, one day, a miraculous thing happened.”

:: the little prince to the pilot,
     “please draw me a sheep.”

:: the old man, handing the little girl another drawing,
     “i’ve always wanted to find someone to share my story with, but i think this world…it’s become too adult.”

:: as the trailer ends,
     “it’s only the beginning of the story!”

the movie is engaging & beautiful with the little prince’s papercraft animation scenes blended with the rest of the story’s computer graphics. the scene where the little girl turns her headlight on as she sits on her bed looking at the pages of the story?! when the little prince runs up to the entrance of the tunnel of flowers & greenery?! the end of the trailer where the little prince & the fox are sitting in the grass with the prince’s scarf blowing in the wind & the fox’s tail wags?! so sweet & delicate & lovely. i can’t wait!

*it will release in France in october…the US release is TBD. but wouldn’t it be the sweetest movie for next Christmastime?


monday gratitude.

practicing gratitude truly turns what we have into enough. lately i have been grateful for…

twinkle lightstwinkly lights at every turn…

breakfastslow mornings with pancakes & bacon (and brooklyn nine-nine)…

christmas 2014 giftshomemade christmas-gift-making…

sk gingerbread biscottismitten kitchen’s gingerbread biscotti dunked in decadent hot chocolate

hsg 2014 encouragementpeople that know & love us, not only share life’s journey but jump right onto the path to be with us, & overwhelm us with encouragement & truth…

and for ellen. 40 seconds of hilarity ensues as dancer (the 12 days reindeer mascot) busts out some sweet moves. at 2:45 i was crying i was laughing so hard.

happy monday!

to give: inspiration & favorites

i imagine the web is probably lighting up with thoughts these days about how Christmas is next week. i remember distinctly when the time between the start of school, halloween, thanksgiving, & Christmas taking an eternity. my how time flies & suddenly now i’m adult & even though the calendar says it’s december 18th, i swear it was really september 1st just yesterday.

i pulled together a little round-up of some of my favorite artists & things that have been catching my eye lately. i didn’t intend it to be a Christmas gift guide, although i bet some things can still ship in time. lots of these items are available at local shops nationwide, so there’s that, too. in general, though, i just think these items are fun, different, & joy-inspiring :o) they’re made from artists & companies that believe in creative, honest, hard work, & supporting their businesses just plain feels good. these items & those you’ll find on each artist or company’s site would make great gifts any time of the year, and all of them are really fun & inspirational to follow on their blog, instagram, or social media.

i hope you enjoy perusing it as much as i did making it!

– – – – – – –


images from 1canoe2

i am a diehard fan of 1canoe2’s signature style & whimsical take on every day items. their cards & prints are happy, fun, & beautiful…as are their tea towels, calendars, notebooks…the list goes on. i’m particularly smitten with their illustrated playing cards, hand-painted wanderlust globes, and recipe cards & perpetual calendars that come in berry basket-inspired wooden boxes. you can find their work in their online & etsy shops as well as tons of great places from coast to coast!


image from val marie paper

this bag really, truly makes me happy at just the sight of the picture. the snorkel…the super simple font…the anticipation of a fun adventure…the fact that the bag is just big enough to throw a few things in & go…love it. val creates beautiful wedding stationary and has an etsy shop for the rest of everyday items: prayer & gratitude journals, totes, notebooks, etc.



image from chatbooks

i learned about chatbooks from crystal’s instagram* feed & was intrigued right away. at $6 for a 60 page book, free shipping, & a list of positive comments, i was sold. you can do books from your instagram feed, from pictures, or there is a way to make one as a group, too. you can even include captions if you want! to start, i made a book of instagram pictures of a certain hilarious little pug.


images from sota clothing

in college i had to come up with a business plan…and it stayed right there on paper. spencer johnson, however, turned his college project into a legit company: sota clothing. their gear is awesome; this sweatshirt & mug caught my eye right away. it’s been fun to hear that a number of friends know & are excited about them, too! virtual high fives to spencer & his crew for their creativity, branding, & furthering the love of our great state. sota gear is available in their online shop as well as a handful of local twin cities shops.


image from yoke pen company

love calligraphy & dream of getting more into it one day. a few weeks ago a calligrapher i follow on instagram posted a picture with a pen that stopped me in my tracks. the maker is christopher of yoke pen company who makes each holder as a hobby & does custom work, too!


image from storypeople

my love for storypeople is no mystery, so finding brian’s newest book here is likely no surprise. in their words, “it’s filled with love & magic & all sorts of secret notes to help you remember the most important thing in your life…” i don’t imagine it’s a bold statement to say that we can probably all use as many of those reminders as possible. we have one of brian’s prints (that i treasure), & i’d love it if one day our walls are confetti-ed with prints & our tables & bookshelves tucked in with books, all overflowing with storypeople’s encouragement, fun, joy, & love. all sorts of wonderful items are available in their online shop as well as in stores. here in the twin cities, i’ve seen storypeople goodies at bibelot & patina.


images from julie song ink

julie song is an illustrator, calligrapher, & lettering artist i found through instagram, & her feed is undoubtedly one of the most swoon-worthy feeds there is. her work is exquisite – natural, organic, light, & engaging. her wedding & branding work is elegant, timeless, & classic with a few touches of fun & playful. the range of her work is mind-boggling, creating an opportunity for just about anyone to have a pretty little julie song ink ditty in their life. be sure to check out her etsy shop, too!


images from katie daisy

katie daisy’s work is just plain joyful. i’ve seen her beautiful cards, prints, & journals for years, but only recently did i learn more about her. imagine how stoked i was to learn that she graduated from MCAD! her style is bright, fun, & whimsical, drawing lots of inspiration from nature. as someone who believes words really matter, the way katie incorporates quotes & simple truths into her cards, prints, & notebooks makes her inspired work even more meaningful & soul soothing. her etsy shop is full of all the pretty goodies your heart could desire, and i also see her stuff at shops throughout the twin cities (bibelot & patina for sure).


image from hatchery

my introduction to hatchery was a little red box with a few pretty little jars & bottles nestled inside of it on sarah’s instagram feed. a few seconds later i was scrolling through hatchery’s feed & learned that they deliver small-batch artisan ingredients monthly to subscribers – think stitch fix for the kitchen. being a girl who reads cookbooks like novels & considers chopping therapy, i was hooked! until i can afford a subscription, i’ll encourage everyone i know to join so i can live vicariously through them :o)

joy to the world.

happy monday, friends. t’is the beginning of our second week of december, 35º today, & a good day for a great christmas song that will make you want to dance. i give you one of my favorite versions of “joy to the world,” brought to you by andrew ripp & the ever wonderful you tube. enjoy!