the gift of Advent

advent devo candle

as the calendar flips to november & flurries begin to fly, i find myself in what i realize is a familiar state of mind. the one where the anticipation of the upcoming holidays meets an intense desire to be present to the people & moments around me. i know all too well that if i’m not careful, time will steamroll right through Thanksgiving & Christmas, and we’ll find ourselves crashing into the new year, dizzy from busy-ness.

as my mind swirls with thoughts of what fun things we’ll do to mark the holidays this year (especially now that charlie loves to help with & gets SO excited about things), i’m equally excited to create space for stopping to rest, relax, and enjoy the heart & gift of the celebrations.

maybe you’ve been in a similar place before? maybe even now?

for me, the feeling applies pretty universally november through january. however, as as a creative person who loves to make gifts, bake, and decorate, the weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas can be a blur if i’m not intentional. a few years ago, i stumbled upon an Advent devotional, and it really influenced how i felt & prepared for Christmas. it has looked a little different from year to year (a series of daily emails, a set of cards with an image or verse, a journaling activity, a daily illustration aligned with portions of the Christmas Story), but the rhythm of pausing each day of Advent to reflect on Jesus changed me that year and has become a practice i continue to prioritize and treasure.

looking back, i noticed that the most meaningful, transformational aspects of each of those various Advent experiences that kept me pointed towards Jesus as i entered into Advent were been Scripture, questions, and reflection. i need Scripture – sometimes just a verse, and sometimes a story – to keep me grounded in the character of God…the bare beginnings of Jesus’ story…the tenderness of it all. i need questions to help me connect those ancient words to my everyday life. the combination of those two things serve as points of reflection that i come back to throughout the day.

when laura & i were dreaming this summer about our next set of devotional cards, Advent was #1 on our list. having a visual reminder with the devotional cards adds a whole new depth of engagement for me with the Scripture, questions, and reflection, and we pray that they are helpful in the same way for you, too. we’ve been working away on these little beauties for the past few months – praying over the verses & questions, praying for the people that will hold them. praying for you, sitting with Jesus as you slow your hustle & rest more deeply in to Him.

the Advent devotional card set is 23 simple, pretty cards with a verse on the front and a Scripture reference & questions/prompts to reflect on on the back. on days that you’re short on time, you can easily tuck a card into your bag or purse to take out later in the day while you’re waiting at an appointment, for the bus, or in the carpool line. you can read the full Scripture reference on your phone app, if  you’d like, & simply reflect on the question/prompt or jot down your thoughts in the blank space on the back of the card.

on days that you have a little extra time, you could sit down with a warm cup of coffee or tea, your bible, and a card. after reading the verse on the front of the card and the Scripture reference(s) on the back, you could take more time to reflect on your thoughts about the question/prompts and sit in a few moments of quiet to pray about them, rest with your wonderings, jot down some notes on the back of the card, or write them in your journal.

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those are just two ideas of ways we envision the devotional cards could be used as you look at, listen to, and talk with Jesus this Advent season. our heart for these cards is that they can be part of your day no matter what your routine looks like. we hope you love them so much that you display them on your desk to help you reflect on verses in between emails & to-dos…maybe on your fridge as you try to memorize a verse…as a garland on your mantle… we think they would also be great to discuss as a family around the dinner table. however you choose, we pray that they enrich your Advent!

the full set is $20 (sales tax and shipping are included), and you can order yours online here. for purchases of 3 or more sets, we will contact you to adjust shipping costs. the Advent devotional cards are also available at Pathway Bookstore at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina.

* we’d love to see your posts about the devo cards as you use them!
Use #shareAdventdevo, and we can cheer each other on :o) *


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