hi! i’m heather.

i still don’t quite know where the idea began or what pushed me over the edge to start a blog.  but one day the thought was there.

now, mind you, i have lots of thoughts & crazy ideas.  some flit in & out.  some linger & fade.  some i attempt & they fizzle.  some stick around.  some persist no matter how often or rationally i talk myself out of them.  this thought fell into the latter category.

i love to create in any and all forms.  i love seeing how simple things – seeds & dirt, needle & thread, a pile of ingredients, pictures & paper, coffee & friends – with our touch is transformed into a meal or a moment or an exchange…creating a memory that we gather to share.  [please note: i know exactly how cheeze-ball that sounds.  but i’m for real!]

blogging itself is still scary and a bit overwhelming, but at the same time it feels big & new & exciting…and, yes, a bit ridiculous.  i’m hoping “good” ridiculous.  we shall see.

i believe that the heart of a home is the kitchen, where many of life’s simplest & greatest moments happen.

i love jesus, creating, nature walks, hammocks, sunrise, sunset, flip-flop tan lines, campfires, smores, fresh mango, gardens, laying under a sky full of stars, fresh-squeezed orange juice, exploring new places, red wine, farmers markets & art festivals, coffee dates, long talks with good friends, barbeques, the sound of waves, lowercase letters & ampersands, learning about new cultures, candles, rainy days & laughing until i cry.

let the adventure begin…


6 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Heather! So glad to see your blog. Keep posting. It will make me feel like we aren’t thousands of miles apart.

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