gratitude lately.

lately, i have been grateful for…

date night skydate nights…

ipsento(delicious) reminders of friends we love dearly…

the gift of watching things grow…

roasted beetbeauty in tiny, unexpected packages…

words* that meet us right where we are & point us to Him…

garden helper
and for my little garden helper…who nibbles as he harvests.

gratitude is a miraculous, wonderful thing. what we have is, truly, enough. more than enough.

happy sunday, friends. let’s choose brave today.

*Unseen by Sara Hagerty; GraceLaced by Ruth Chou Simons


10 things: 02.2013.


  1. i can count the number of months until our wedding on one hand. eeek! my heart beats faster just thinking about it…
  2. i get to read an advance copy of bread & wine! (!!!) and it ARRIVED! i can’t wait to read it this weekend. post coming soon.
  3. these pepper jack stuffed pretzel bites. oh! my! goodness! insanely good.
  4. JT’s performance at the grammys – woah!
  5. i love ellen. the dancing, clumbsy thumbsy, the practical jokes. and then she went & had kindness week. major happy tears.
  6. bob goff’s twitter & facebook posts regularly change the course of my day, thoughts, & prayers. two of the most recent:
    ::¬†Jesus won’t try to speak over the noise in our lives; love whispers so we won’t be confused about who’s doing the talking.
    :: Every time we love people extravagantly we answer one more question the world has about God’s character.
  7. i stumbled upon the influence network. i can’t wait to dig in & learn more!
  8. the later sunsets & longer days of daylight are such a wonderful a treat!!
  9. loving these posts: brave moms raise brave kids (jen hatmaker) & how to be a better lover (ann voskamp)
  10. this video about brothers connor & cayden long, the bond that they have, & the way connor looks out for his brother leaves me speechless, soggy from tears, & gives me hope for raising our kids one day: