the little prince 2015.

this trailer for the upcoming “the little prince” movie…oh my, i can’t tire of it.

the little prince is one of my very favorite stories. i had always heard quotes from it (you likely have, too) but didn’t read it until high school. it was at that time that i had the very good fortune of reading it. in French (as Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote it in 1943)…in one of my very favorite classes…with one of my very favorite teachers. the story came alive to me, and quotes & thoughts from the book cross my mind regularly.

if you haven’t read this sweet story, i highly recommend it. at about 90 pages it’s a quick read, however you will return to passages time & time again. it’s a timeless story about imagination, innocence, & possibility that life keeps bringing you back to. the book has been adapted in a number of formats, but the movie debuting next year* looks fantastic! the trailer is in French (the song – “somewhere only we know” by lily allen – is in English), but it communicates the sweet story just the same: “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

a few quote translations for those who are wired for understanding (that’s totally me):

:: as the little girl opens the paper airplane that landed on her desk,
     “once upon a time, there was a small prince who wanted a friend.”

:: when the airplane begins to fly off the page, the old man begins,
     “i flew almost everywhere in the world…until, one day, a miraculous thing happened.”

:: the little prince to the pilot,
     “please draw me a sheep.”

:: the old man, handing the little girl another drawing,
     “i’ve always wanted to find someone to share my story with, but i think this world…it’s become too adult.”

:: as the trailer ends,
     “it’s only the beginning of the story!”

the movie is engaging & beautiful with the little prince’s papercraft animation scenes blended with the rest of the story’s computer graphics. the scene where the little girl turns her headlight on as she sits on her bed looking at the pages of the story?! when the little prince runs up to the entrance of the tunnel of flowers & greenery?! the end of the trailer where the little prince & the fox are sitting in the grass with the prince’s scarf blowing in the wind & the fox’s tail wags?! so sweet & delicate & lovely. i can’t wait!

*it will release in France in october…the US release is TBD. but wouldn’t it be the sweetest movie for next Christmastime?