10 things: 01.12.

i have watched sarah kay‘s TED talk, “if i should have a daughter,” no less than 25 times. every time i watch it something new stands out, but one part that stood out right away & stuck in my thoughts was when she asked the audience to think of three things they know to be true.

after i thought of my three things, i wondered how my three things might change over time. later in her talk, sarah, a spoken word poetry teacher, explains that she has her students write ten things they know to be true when they are brainstorming what to write about. building on that idea, i thought it would be fun (not to mention interesting) to make a list of ten things i know to be true each month for a year to see how they change over time. it has been a really good exercise so far.

first, it was pretty cool when i found myself wondering if “this” [thought, realization, experience, feeling] would end up among the month’s top ten. it’s maybe even more cool that i continue to find myself in this place of reflection & wonder.

second, it’s a really great reminder of life’s sweet spots & challenges. it’s been good to document happenings, gratitude, & prayers.

last, but not least, it’s helping me stay true to myself. to who God has made me to be. to how He is continuing to mold me. to who He has woven into my life that bring life. to the passions He has given me that help me connect to Him and His kingdom.

i’m really excited to see how this exercise evolves over the year, and it will be super fun to look back on the lists in december!

january, 2012

  1. my tribe is incredible. i love that i get to see some regularly, i cherish reunions with those far away, and i genuinely miss those i don’t see often enough.
  2. life is precious.
  3. i have never, never been so grateful for a new year. embracing 2012…the year of grace.
  4. having sweet conversations with my brother about jesus & then being there when he found an authentic community has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.
  5. i’m independent, strong, confident, & completely capable…but i still miss my husband every day. this & this help.
  6. i love pinterest.  LOVE.
  7. sarah kay‘s spoken word poems completely resonate with & spark something in me: if i should have a daughter & how many lives can you live?
  8. i’m working on finding balance in 2012.  step one is figuring out what that even means.
  9. i’m grateful every day for my health. every. single. day.
  10. i feel most alive when i am creating, connecting with people i love, & exploring a new place.