weekend scenes

nightstand books 2018-01:: current reads & re-reads ::

new growth
:: when your husband gets you birthday flowers,
and they’re still giving & giving 3 weeks later ::

bulbs 2018-01:: 40º in january = a second chance at spring bloom prep ::

latte:: st. paul exploring ::

banana bread
:: banana “fuffin” bread ::

then, there is this video. on repeat. often. and i’m not mad about it ;o)
something about the way the instruments come together at 1:37 gets me every time.


friday fun: a fave from The Voice.

friends…it’s that time of the year. fall shows have kicked off, the weather is for real turning chilly (i think it actually blew in all night – so windy!), & the trifecta of warm jammies, comfort food, and a good show make for a great night in. i want to say, “a quiet night in” or “a relaxing night in” but the honest truth is sometimes that is just not the case. for example, when the voice is on in our house. between adam & blake’s hilarious banter and the stellar performances that pop up, “quiet” and “relaxing” may not be words others would use to describe our house. but it sure is FUN!

this particular performance caught me from the moment blessing began singing. i just love that it’s been stuck in my head all week, and his story: inspirational & overflowing with joy & hope.

enjoy, and happy friday, y’all!

do you have any fun weekend plans?
i’m headed east next week. i’ll post some pics this weekend to share how far east ;o)


friday fun: mj & jt doin’ their thing.

we’re almost there – just a few hours, and the weekend will be upon us!

miraculously, this weekend i did warm up to the idea of transitioning to fall…just in time for this week to be pretty great! the sweet spot of warm weather this week & weekend is a-ok with me. to celebrate the gorgeous summer weather we’re getting spoiled with, here’s a song that i loved this summer. windows down, radio up, singing (badly), doin’ a little dance in my seat. a few other quintessentially summer songs that i’ve been playing all day:

  • summertime by none other than will smith & dj jazzy jeff
  • jack & diane by john mellencamp
  • fishin’ in the dark by the nitty gritty dirt band
  • chattahoochee & good time by alan jackson
  • mud on the tires by brad paisley
  • sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd
  • melissa by the allman brothers

what are some of your favorite summertime songs?